Wealth Management

Our objective is to provide you with tailor-made wealth management and investment solutions.


We help pension funds maximise their returns through a bespoke portfolio management service.

About PLEION Investment Adviser Ltd

PLEION Investment Adviser Ltd is an Independent Wealth Management company in Mauritius, licensed in 2009 as an Investment Adviser (unrestricted) bearing Licence No. C109007763 and regulated by the Financial Services Commission, Mauritius.

Our core expertise lies in Wealth Management for businesses and entrepreneurs, High-Net-Worth Individuals (HNWI) and their families.

We form part of Probus Pleion, a multinational and pluridisciplinary group founded in the 1980s in Switzerland with offices in Dubai, Luxembourg, Mauritius and Thailand.

With our clients at the heart of our philosophy, our aim is to craft bespoke investment solutions best suited to your goals and objectives.

What sets us apart

  • A holistic and tailor-made approach to provide world-class solutions
  • Our multidisciplinary and international expertise originates from our Swiss savoir-faire
  • A polyglot group; we advise you in over 10 languages
  • Strong partnerships with leading Mauritian and international custodian banks
  • An IT platform developed and designed for the needs of our business
  • Stringent risk control through mastery of your entire portfolio