Charts of the Week

March 20, 2023 - 1 min read


In this latest edition of our weekly update:

  • Bank deposit rates have lagged the rise in the Fed’s fund rate;
  • US bank deposits ar e experiencing the largest drawdown in 40 years;
  • Pace of deposit withdrawals forcing US banks to sell down a portion of their assets
  • Silicon Valley Bank and Silvergate Bank were the first two banks to reach insolvency;
  • US regional banks went through one of the sharpest pullback in decades;
  • Financial stability concerns have spread to European banks;
  • The Fed’s hiking cycle finally broke something in the economy;
  • Abrupt revision in the Fed’s tightening path;
  • A big concern for central banks in the US and EU;
  • Goodbye QT? ;
  • Sharp rise in the Fed’s balance sheet has pushed USD liquidity; and
  • Gold is back at the top end of its range.


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