Monthly report

February 01, 2024 - 1 min read


In the latest edition of our monthly report:

US equities dominate the market

  • Outperformance has lasted since 2010;
  • The enormous market cap of little-known stocks; and
  • Managers are permanently underinvested in the USA.


Assessment of the economic situation
The US economy remains solid, although the normalization of its labor market is struggling to materialize. In Europe, the situation is stabilizing at a low level, but Germany remains the weak link. The US 10-year is stabilizing below 4%.

  • US economy holds up in Q4, thanks to consumption;
  • Cocoa prices double in 12 months; and
  • After December’s euphoria, the market calms down.


Financial markets during the month
Equity markets ended the month of January on a positive note overall, while Chinese indices fell back again. US bonds stabilize, while tensions in the Red Sea drive up sea freight costs.

  • Upside participation in the S&P 500 weakens;
  • US 10-year Treasury yield stabilizes below 4%.; and
  • Precious metals and currencies.


Comments on investment decisions
The first rate cuts are expected between March and June, whether from the Fed, the ECB or the SNB. The medium and long parts of the curve are still looking for an adequate valuation. A  gradual lengthening of duration is recommended. Equity markets are a little overbought, but to be accumulated on weakness.

  • Equities;
  • Bonds;
  • Precious metals, listed real estate (REIT); and
  • Currencies.


Performance summary

  • Equity performances, and
  • Performance of bonds, currencies and commodities.


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