PLEION Investment Adviser, safekeeping your assets

May 11, 2017 - 1 min read


Along Chemin 20 pieds in Grand Baie, the emblematic tourist site in the North of the island, PLEION Investment Adviser makes its mark with its know-how and financial expertise.

Mauritius, the African protagonist

Mauritius is a paradise island. This is common knowledge. But more importantly, its position as the African leader in terms of socio-economic and political stability, stems from the model of dynamism that it stands for. This acts as an irresistible lure for investors!

Bring up the matter with the Pleion Investment Adviser teams, and they will necessarily acquiesce. In keeping with the economic boom of Mauritius, this company has developed specific services for wealthy clients charmed by the gentle lifestyle of Mauritius and… by the economic potential of the region.

The company that watches over your assets

PLEION Investment Adviser manages your investments and your assets, ensures the proper growth of your wealth, and offers tailor-made solutions… First-rate advice is provided by some twenty employees, who keep abreast of the specificities of the Mauritian market.

This sizeable organisation that retains a human dimension is strengthened by its local and international partnerships, particularly with the banks of Mauritius, Dubai, Hong Kong, Monaco, Singapore, or even the Bahamas. These important features enable the company to other the best investment solutions to its clients.

Available round the clock, seven days a week, the discreet Pleion team operates in full transparency and affords a natural position as your most obvious ally in financial matters.

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Article from Luxury Mauritius.