PLEION Investment Adviser - Gestion De Fortune


Once mutually agreed, we formalise our recommendations by way of discretionary or advisory mandates.


Services and Solutions

We propose different types of mandates: discretionary or advisory mandates.


Discretionary Mandates

Delegate day-to-day management to the expert

You want to invest but do not want to worry about the daily administration of your assets? The discretionary mandate provides you with a team of specialists who will do so, after having mutually agreed on your investment strategy, goals and risk levels. They will also provide you with regular updates and relevant reporting.


Advisory Mandates

Designed for the experienced investor

If you are an active and experienced investor who monitors and tracks investment markets, but who would benefit from a tailored investment portfolio to help in your decision-making, then an Advisory Mandate is right for you.

We advise, you decide. The full decision power is in your hands at all time.


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