Assets review

Your assets review, consisting inter alia of your family and tax situations, wealth, income from your movable and immovable assets, your current and future commitments, your needs and performance expectations, will guide us as to your investor profile.


Global strategy

The global investment strategy is determined namely by world growth, evolution of interest rates, influence of exchange rates, geopolitics and market dynamics.


Specific expectations

Your specific expectations regarding the management of your wealth, coupled with our perception of the economic environment and our investment know-how, will help us to mitigate the risks of fluctuations.

Our investment philosophy for wealth management

  • Understanding our clients and their risk tolerance is the basis of our relationship
  • Focused on helping our clients achieve their objectives
  • Proactive research of investments fitting our clients’ risk tolerance and return objective
  • Highly flexible and benchmark agnostic
  • Large investment universe, covering five asset classes
  • Permanent risk monitoring of our clients’ portfolios
  • Communication and partnership approach
  • Open architecture: truly independent
  • Focused on our strengths, in partnership with world class experts

Managed portfolios

  • You define the goals and the asset allocation, we manage it
  • Strategies available in CHF, EUR and USD (other currencies : bespoke)
  • All managed portfolios may be tailored to your individual needs
  • Tailored equity portfolio

Wealth Management - Managed portfolio by Pleion Investment Adviser

Advisory portfolios

  • We advise, you decide
  • Full decision power is in your hands at all time

Wealth Management - Advisory portfolio by Pleion Investment Adviser

Wealth Management in Mauritius

Our objective is to provide you with tailor-made wealth management and investment solutions.


We help you to optimise the return on your pension assets.